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Experience a unique and exclusive opportunity to help jumpstart breakthrough philanthropic innovations.

Welcome to Aeschylus R&D Philanthropy. Aeschylus [/’aiskilus’/, /ˈɛskɨləs/ or /ˈiːskɨləs/] represents a platform dedicated to harnessing the science and technology passions of private organisations and venture philanthropists by channeling them to exclusive R&D (Research and Development) sponsorship opportunities with high social impact. Aeschylus represents an exciting new extension to the traditional European philanthropic scene.

Aeschylus affiliates with Europe’s most elite research institutes in order to retain only the most promising and meaningful philanthropic R&D projects. Aeschylus mainly offers R&D projects within the field of life sciences, medical technologies and clean technologies.

Aeschylus philanthropists are given the opportunity to link their name and legacy to breakthrough technologies with significant philanthropic impact. As such, Aeschylus’ philanthropists can achieve international acclaim in addition to an exclusive and privileged access to Europe’s most discerning scientists and their state-of-the- art technologies. Aeschylus offers the opportunity to bond with the researchers and obtain first-hand information related to the supported technology. No scientific background is required as Aeschylus translates the state-of-the-art R&D projects into comprehensible philanthropic projects.

Through the Aeschylus platform, private philanthropists can finally make a real and lasting difference.


New Aeschylus Project Video’s online!

21 Jun 2011

Get to know our projects and understand what  Aeschylus is all about through these short promo video introductions:

Equine ReprogenomicsOncoCidia,

Bionic-eye-lens, BananaBio4s, Aqua4c ,


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Aeschylus project submission criteria

13 Apr 2011

Aeschylus will be implementing a number of project submission criteria in the

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Aeschylus Partners

Aeschylus (/’aiskilus’/, /ˈɛskɨləs/ or /ˈiːskɨləs/) was the oldest of the three main Greek tragedy playwrights. It is generally accepted that the word ‘philanthropy’ was initially conceived by the playwright Aeschylus, in his seventh tragedy Prometheus Bound, 2500 years ago. In this Greek myth Aeschylus combined two words: ‘loving’ in the sense of benefitting, caring for, nourishing; and anthropos, ‘human being’ in the sense of ‘humankind’, ‘humanity’, or ‘human-ness’.. 'Philanthropia'—loving what it is to be human—was thought to be the key to civilisation.

Source: Wikipedia

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